Specialty Coffee Drinks; Choose From 8 Varieties of Philippine Coffee

Regular customers of CPI Call Shop & Business Cafe know that coffee for us is serious business, especially bold and rich tasting Philippine coffee.  

Enjoy our full range of specialty Philippine coffees in a perfectly extracted cup  with classics such as an Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano and a Mochaccino.  And if you’re feeling like something cold to drink, why not try one of our exotic Ice Coffees?

CPI Call Shop also offers you something no other coffee shop in the Philippines will give you. You  get to choose which variety of Philippine coffee goes into your  cup of ‘Joe.’     

At CPI Call Shop we currently carry 8 different varieties of Philippine coffee, including Sagada Arabica, Benguet, Kalinga, Barako, Barako Premium, Hazel Nut, Espresso Blend and CPI Peace Special. When ordering your coffee drink, first tell our attendant what variety you want. If you don’t know which one is best, she’ll be happy to guide you through the various choices on hand, even letting you sample the aroma from each kind of coffee.

Our attendant will then extract a perfect cup of coffee from our  DeLonghi Italian espresso maker which perfectly extracts the bold, rich flavor that is Philippine coffee.  Whichever drink you order, you are sure to experience pure coffee bliss, as only CPI Call Shop can offer you. And for our ice coffee drinks, CPI Call Shop & Business Cafe only uses purified ice. 

And we’ve also expanded on our hot tea offerings. Surf the internet while relaxing with a fresh brewed peppermint tea, or a jasmine green tea.  

Even better, enjoy one of our hot or cold coffee beverages  with our famous toasted bagel and Philadelphia cream cheese, or a slice of fresh  homemade banana cake.  

If that’s sounds pretty good, then check out these prices on our menus below. Ha…And the big coffee shops had you believing that gourmet coffee had to be expensive!

So stop into CPI Call Shop today to enjoy our new specialty coffee drinks and experience coffee, and tea,  the way it was meant to be.

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